Boray pictures 2019

-- 56 pictures for the Commodore Plus/4 --

In 2005 when I first got my Plus/4s, I converted and released 25 pictures using Larry's FLI converter. It seems they were appreciated. I've even seen them on YouTube.

Now, 14 years later, I thought it was time again for some new pictures, also converted with (the latest version of) Larry's FLI converter.

All of these pictures were either photographed by me, painted by me or made by me in some other way. They work on both PAL and NTSC machines.

This time, I didn't make any (lame) menu, for a couple of reasons. Today, most people probably don't want to put these pictures on diskettes but prefer to look at them from a SD2IEC or similar. And you probably already have a nice way of loading files from your SD2IEC super fast, for example with my own DIRPLUS, which can be found here:

DIRPLUS will also show the (few) included Multi Botticelli pictures.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures. Happy retro computing!

Anders Persson 2019

COMING IN 2020: DirPlus V3.0 for Commodore 64 and Plus/4 in the same installation.


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