Boray's SD2IEC music player
One hour of sampled music for your Vic-20.

Requirements: Unexpanded PAL Vic-20 + SD2IEC card reader
(or alternatively PAL VICE emulation).

Start "start-vic.prg" on a real Vic-20
or "start-vice.prg" on VICE (with true drive emulation turned OFF!)

This is roughly 60 minutes of digitized music for your Vic-20. The audio is 4 bit 4kHz mono so don't excpect great sound quality. (~ old AM radio).

This program might break a couple of world records: The longest sample ever played on a Vic-20 (my 25 minutes long Amzidus). If that's the case, then the record was set 14 Sep 2013. It's probably also the largest Vic-20 application ever made. It's 6.8 MB in size!


If you want to play this on a NTSC Vic-20, or just play around a bit, you can change two delays set at basic line 15/16. Higher values = slower.