-- For Commodore 64, Plus/4 and Vic-20 --

DIRPLUS is a SD2IEC file browser, program starter and file manager solution for your Commodore 8 bit home computer. My goal with the file management functionality has been that you never should have to put your SD card in a modern computer for file managing.

You can copy and paste files between folders, rename files etc. You can view some file formats and even extract files from disk images. You can also set 16 global tools that you can reach from any folder or disk image. For example, start an outside word processor inside of a disk image that only contains text files.


The versions for the different computers are part of the same installation and the correct program is loaded when starting the program "D". This way, you can use the same SD card for all of your Commodore 8 bit home computers.


(manual NOT included):

Instructions manual

Computer model support chart

ComputerDirPlus functionalitySoft Jiffy disk turbo includedPi1541 support
C64FullNo. (Most C64 users have a fast loader cartridge anyway).Partial
Plus/4 (or expanded C16)FullYes, but possible to turn off permanently.Partial
Unexpanded C16Partial. (It's slower and lacks the most recent functions).Yes, but possible to turn off permanently.No
Vic-20Partial. More functionality with ram expansion than without. Also includes special Vic-20 features. Yes. Selectable at startup.No
C128 in 128 modeNo (cbm file browser 128 is started instead).YesNo

News in V4.1.1 (January 2021)

    This is an update only affecting the Vic-20. The routine to detect and locate sjload in memory was moved from basic to machine language and now works 100 times better. (It now makes a checksum from all bytes in question instead of only 1/100 of them).

    You can also remove sjload from memory at startup by holding down the Shift key while DirPlus is loading/starting. Holding down Shift will in other words show you the start menu even if sjload previously was loaded. This way you can more easily disable or change the position of sjload.

    To upgrade Dirplus, just copy everything from the downloaded DIRPLUS folder to your SD card's DIRPLUS folder. Also replace the D starter in the root directory.

(Old) videos

Video from 2020: The new features of V3.0

Video from 2018: Dir Plus V1.0



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