-- For Commodore 64, Plus/4 and Vic-20 --

DIRPLUS is a SD2IEC file browser, program starter and file manager solution for your Commodore 8 bit home computer. My goal with the file management functionality has been that you never should have to put your SD card in a modern computer for file managing.

You can copy and paste files between folders, rename files etc. You can view some file formats and even extract files from disk images. You can also set 16 global tools that you can reach from any folder or disk image. For example, start an outside word processor inside of a disk image that only contains text files. DirPlus is also the only browser that lets you browse around while the directory is still being loaded.


The versions for the different computers are part of the same installation and the correct program is loaded when starting the program "D". This way, you can use the same SD card for all of your Commodore 8 bit home computers.


(manual NOT included):

Instructions manual

Beginner's tips

#1: Unlike other browsers, you can go ahead and navigate while the directory is still being loaded. (C64/Plus4)

#2: To quickly search a huge directory without even loading the directory, press U and then enter a dos search pattern or just the start of the filenames you want, for example A for all filenames starting with A.

Computer model support chart

ComputerDirPlus Browser functionalityDirPlus DosSoft Jiffy disk turbo includedPi1541 support
C64FullYesNo. (Most C64 users have a fast loader cartridge anyway).Yes*
Plus/4 (or expanded C16)FullYesYes, but possible to turn off permanently.Yes*
Unexpanded C16Partial. (It's slower and lacks the most recent functions).YesYes, but possible to turn off permanently.DirPlus Dos: Yes* Browser: No
Vic-20Partial. More functionality with ram expansion than without. Also includes special Vic-20 features. YesYes. Selectable at startup.Dirplus Dos: Yes* Exp. Browser: Yes* Unex. Browser: No
C128 in 128 mode (40 and 80 column mode)No (cbm file browser 128 is started by default).YesYes, but possible to turn off permanently.DirPlus Dos: Yes* Browsers: No
*Pi1541 Support: Only functions possible on the Pi1541 works on a Pi1541 (of course). Read the pi1541 section in the manual for more information.

News in V6.0 (Sep 2021):

    DirPlus Browsers news

    The search pattern (that you can enter with the U button) will be shown immediately above the file list on the C64, Plus/4 and expanded Vic-20 browsers. On the C64 and Plus/4 you can omit the ending * when entering a search pattern, for example, pressing U, then typing A followed by return will give you the search pattern A* and all files beginning with A will be shown - all done with just three key strokes.

    C64 and Plus/4 browser: Total size blocks are visible before copy and delete.

    (C64/Plus4 Browser) It's now possible to write " signs in the text adder. But... there will be troubles with color codes if you just write one " sign until you write another or press return.

    The Vic-20 browser now works on Pi1541. (Only the expanded version ("MD")). The Vic-20 browser has the best Pi1541 support actually. You can display text files and show a file's address (by pressing "G") even outside of d64s. I tried to patch the C64 version with the same methods as in the Vic-20 version and it worked... until I compiled it. Then I gave up. If you want to display a text file on the Pi1541 with the C64, then just do it in Dirplus Dos instead. That works.

    Displaying text in the Vic-20 browser was made faster.

    Pi1541 browse mode bug bypass in the browsers: You can now delete files containing spaces in the file names. (They are replaced with question marks).

    A disk image was created for use with the Pi1541. Read more in the Pi1541 section.

    C128 specific news

    Holding down C= while starting D starts drabrowser (while Shift starts Dirplus Dos and holding down nothing starts fb128). Tip: If you want to switch from one browser to the other or start DirPlus Dos from a browser, then just start the "D" program from the browser and hold down Shift or C= accordingly.

    The C128 now auto boots. To auto boot, first reset your SD2IEC (or cd//) and then reset your C128. If you don't want it to autoboot, then delete or rename the file bootsect.128.

    The C128 now remains in the current directory when started, even when soft jiffy has to be loaded.

    Localized/caps lock detection/fb128 bug prevention.

    DirPlus Dos: New command: {arrow left symbol} which lets you switch between the 40 and 80 columns screens on the C128. It also runs the SLOW command so that both screens should be visible at the same time in a dual screen setup.

    DirPlus Dos: The other arrow symbol {arrow up} divides the 80 column display in two 40 column windows and also switches between them. To get the full 80 columns back, use the new "clear screen" command: CLS. If you want to continue to work in basic with the two windows, then use the command GET 2X40. This sets the F-key of your choice to switch between the two windows.

    DirPlus Dos: A 2MHz border turbo (by Robert Willie) was also added in the C128 tools dir. You start it with GET TURBO and it will give you a 35% faster 40 column mode. (The display may flash a bit during disk access though). This speed increase makes Dirplus Dos feel more usable with a 40 column display or a dual screen setup. It works fine together with soft jiffy. Note that the border turbo has to be disabled if a program uses GRAPHIC1 to open a graphics screen. If you want to use the turbo in your own graphics program, then disable the turbo with SYS4867 before the GRAPHIC1 command and then restart it with SYS4864 after the GRAPHIC1 command.

    Vic-20 specific news

    Bugfix: Vic-20 sjload checksum included one byte to many.

    DirPlus Dos now works on the Vic-20, even on the unexpanded vic-20. Also included is Tokra's Maxi Edit 26x32 screen mode that you can start with "GET MAXI".

    As you now start DirPlus Dos when holding down shift on the Vic-20 just like on the other computers, you now use C= instead to clear soft jiffy. (read more in the Vic-20 section)

    DirPlus Dos specific news

    New commands in Dirplus Dos for handling texts:
    ADD: Add text to a file (or create a new one).
    NADD: Add text to a note (or create a new one).
    END: Stop adding text.
    (Text commands that were already present in Dos 5.0: Type, Note and Notes).

    The type and note commands in DirPlus Dos were made faster.

    The dir command now works on the c64 without a final cartridge and on the vic-20. The vic-20/c64 dir routine is optimized for showing one name per line on a Vic-20.

    New command: INFO - For getting info about a prg file (external command).

    Another new dos command: BAS BASICCOMMAND, to run any basic command and then get back to dirplus dos, for example:
    will make your C128 go to slow mode. Or you can use it as a calculator:
    BAS PRINT (34-11)/12
    ...will display the result 1.91666667

    Changing text color in the command line interface will not affect the commands, but changing color while using the text add functions will get recorded.

    The AUTODIR command is now AD.

    The Q and EXIT commands were removed so now you have to use X to exit.

    CLS clears the screen (and cancels the new C128 2x40 on 80 mode - see C128 specific news above).

    Upgrading Dirplus to V6.0

    Copy everything from the downloaded zip file to your SD card's root directory (so that the contents of the DIRPLUS folder will be overwritten with new versions etc).

    If you have a jiffydos rom, then also read the section "Important / Updating" in the 5.0 release notes (in the pdf manual).

    Anders Persson, Sep 2021


  • 2021: Dirplus 6.0 on C64 and C128.
  • 2021: Preview: Dirplus Dos 5.1 (6.0) on C128 with two screens.
  • 2021: DirPlus 5.1 preview (6.0) - The Vic-20 browser now works with Pi1541.
  • 2021: Sneak preview: Dirplus Dos 5.1 (6.0) (here on Vic-20)
  • 2020: The new features of V3.0
  • 2018: Dir Plus V1.0
  • 2013: Vic-20 Disk Menu V27 - SD2IEC + SJLOAD

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