**** Commodore 8-Bit Software ****

by Anders "Boray" Persson

Latest additions


SD2IEC browser, program starter and file manager solution
for your Commodore 8-bit computer.

Boray Pics 2021

Slideshow with 48 pictures for the C64.

New C128 software
Includes some dual screen software, for example a dual screen mouse driver.

Boray Gammon

Now with mouse support for C64.

Single basic file 1351 mouse driver.prg
Easily use a mouse in your own C64 basic programs. Just add your own code to this small program.

Boray's SD2IEC music V1 with the V3 player
- for better playback quality.

A Swedish program for your Commodore 64, Plus/4 and 128.

Boray Pics 2019

56 pictures for the Plus/4

Super Messenger
A party background program for the Plus/4

Boray Bingo
A Bingo Announcer program for the 264 line of computers,
bundled with printable bingo cards for kids (editable).

QBench V1.9

Quick Launch Extras for Vic Menu 28

Joystick testing and benchmarking for C64 and Vic-20

TV input lag
Is your LCD/LED TV fast enough?
For any 8 bit Commodore

Fat Swedish

Swedish C64 font for 8K+ expanded Vic-20

Lyriktornet 2

Random poem parody in Swedish
for 8K+ expanded Vic-20

To run the programs on a modern computer, you will need the VICE Emulator.

To run the programs EASILY, you will also need PRG Starter.