Boray Letter Gammon

In 1991 I made an amiga program called Boray Letter and I developed it over the following ten years. It was a program to make animated letters and films and also to send them by email using the email client YAM. The file format was super compact. There was also a small user community for Boray Letter and one of the guys there, Dave Hamilton, came up with the idea of making email games using Boray Letter. We worked together on this and one of the games was Backgammon.

I suspect that Boray Letter would have been a bigger hit if it was made for Windows and not for the dying amiga platform.

More info on Boray Letter's home page.

(This text was written in SpeedScript on a Commodore 128 (in C64 mode) and then converted to ASCII using Dir Plus. Why? Well, why not? The C128 is the only computer I have in our living room).