Boray's Free Online Backgammon

Here is another backgammon game I've made. It's a simple way of playing backgammon online with somebody you really trust. Play in real time or make a move now and then.

Why someone you really trust? Well, because you use your own real dice!

One of you also have to play upside down! But at least it's free ;-)

Getting started:

1. Download one of these:
backgammon-svenska.pptx (swedish)

2. Put it on your Google Drive.

3. Open it online with Google Slides.

4. Press the Share button and invite your opponent.

5. Switch to the Instructions slide for instructions.

6. Switch back and play!

Note: You don't actually need Googe Drive to play this game. You can just as well edit the file with PowerPoint and send it back and forth as an email attachment or use any other cloud drive.

Good luck!