Backgammon page of
Anders "Boray" Persson

Around 1989, I bought a backgammon game for my mother as a Christmas gift. Neither of us had played before. We first tried the Swedish version called "Bräde" but soon enough we got hooked on normal backgammon as a faster and more exciting game. Since then we have enjoyed playing now and then.

A couple of years ago, my interest for backgammon started to increase very much. There are a couple of reasons why: I got a smart phone (and later a tablet) and you suddenly have the opportunity to play against the best AI opponent in the world (XG Mobile) at any time, anywhere. You can also play real opponents over the internet. Today, me and my mother plays over the net a bit every day.

I also programmed my very own backgammon AI game for a platform that lacked a good one: Boray Gammon for Commodore Vic-20 (my very first computer). The game has even been noted by the Retro Gamer magazine. Later on, I also developed enhanced versions for Commodore 64 and Plus/4.

I've also started collecting real backgammon games and fixing them up a bit. One project was designing and constructing a backgammon game of my own, a linear design which has some benefits over the traditional board.

Backgammon is the number one game for me. The combination of skill and luck is what makes it great. The person who invented it thousands of years ago had to be a real genius.

I think backgammon even teaches you it's own philosophy. It teaches you to always make the best of every situation. Use what you get and make the best of it. That is what you do for every single move in the game.

Backgammon is a better interpretation of a battle than chess or other mind games without the element of luck. All real sports or life itself have the element of luck bundled in there.