Boray C64

During 1988-1990 the Commodore C64 was my main computer. So, do you think I made any music with it? Well, OF COURSE I did! Let's listen to that mighty SID chip again!

The tunes below were recorded from a real C64 computer. Slightly enhanced with pro delays and reverbs.

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Copyright (C) 1988-1990 by Anders Persson

1.Doodles 64 download mp3
2.Foledownload mp3
3.Strabismus 3download mp3
4.Strabismus 1download mp3
5.Future Gumdownload mp3
6.Newsongdownload mp3
7.Peapods 64download mp3
8.Kortisdownload mp3
9.Terassdownload mp3
10.Boogiedownload mp3

Copyright (C)1988-1990 by Anders Persson,