Boray 1990-1991

I didn't start to write the date in my mods until August 1991, and I bought my Amiga 500 in September 1990, so the tunes without any date were made sometime in between those two dates.

This isn't all mods I made. I made a lot of covers and stuff. I have picked out some of my favourites.
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Copyright (C) 1990-1991 by Anders Persson

1.Are you deaf download mp3
2.Crazykongdownload mp3
3.Drizzledownload mp3
4.Durable1990download mp3
5.Fertolyndownload mp3
6.Happy Modedownload mp3
7.Kitchen Rapdownload mp3
8.Medeltiddownload mp3
9.Reliable1990download mp3
10.Where to godownload mp3
11.Reduction1991-08-14download mp3
12.Irgill's födelsedag 11991-08-18download mp3
13.Lackerol 31991-09-01download mp3

Copyright (C)1990-1991 by Anders Persson