Boray 1992

Here are some of my best tunes from 1992 (I made 36 totally.)

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Copyright (C) 1992 by Anders Persson

1.Flumm1992-04-21download mp3
2.Hard Lardy1992-06-08download mp3
3.Laztory X14-21992-07-26download mp3
4.Gotoe1992-09-06download mp3
5.Doodles Melody II1992-09-25download mp3
6.Empty Peapods1992-10-01download mp3
7.Jungle1992-10-03download mp3
8.Mask1992-10-04download mp3

Copyright (C)1992 by Anders Persson,

Making music with the Amiga in 1992. Photo by Gunnar Persson.