Boray 1993

Another productive year... I made 39 Protracker tunes. Here you have the 21 best of them.

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Copyright (C) 1993 by Anders Persson

1.Rolgrim 21993-01-01download mp3
2.Submade1993-01-04download mp3
3.Sagan om Ted-Leif1993-01-06download mp3
4.Dynamic Dziggetal1993-01-10download mp3
5.Wedny Nyke1993-01-21download mp3
6.Irgill's Födelsedag 21993-01-23download mp3
7.Nedla1993-01-26download mp3
8.Gothic1993-01-30download mp3
9.Mask III1993-01-31download mp3
10.Big Fara1993-02-14download mp3
11.Felody1993-02-14download mp3
12.Dream1993-03-03download mp3
13.Lorie1993-03-27download mp3
14.Fools1993-04-02download mp3
15.Lefoly1993-04-25download mp3
16.Haren Hoppar (in Rolgrim style)1993-05-28download mp3
17.UFO Beep1993-06-03download mp3
18.Oh, no more Supermasken1993-06-22download mp3
19.Twecer1993-07-10download mp3
20.Zeluma Valimer1993-10-08download mp3
21.Doodles Melody 31993-11-07download mp3
22.Lost Post1993-12-12download mp3

Copyright (C)1993 by Anders Persson,