Boray 1996

The mods from 1996 has a little softer sound compared to the previous year. NGEnd (Next Generation End) was a bonus tune that was played if you run my "Next Generation" karaokee amiga program three times or something like that.

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Copyright (C) 1996 by Anders Persson

1.NGEnd1996-04-07 download mp3
2.Lilla feta snigeln1996-05-03 download mp3
3.Mutant Camels1996-06-23 download mp3
4.Boggle Remix1996-07-24 download mp3
5.SpaceLight Theme1996-09-15 download mp3
6.The Future1996-10-15 download mp3
7.Jesus is Lord1996-10-30 download mp3
8.The Assembly Line1996-12-04 download mp3
9.Pilgrim1996-12-20 download mp3
10.Module Search '961996-12-30 download mp3
11.Make the Difference1997-01-10download mp3
12.Thirst1997-03-08download mp3

Copyright (C)1996 by Anders Persson,