Boray Digiboosters

March 1997: I had been waiting quite a long time for a good freeware 8 channel tracker for the Amiga when Tap&Walt (authors of digibooster) sent me a full version of DigiBooster 1.7. After a night of trying it out, I made my first real digibooster mod: "I am created".

This mp3 album contains all my DigiBooster mods in chronological order.

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Copyright (C) 1997 by Anders Persson

1.I Am Created9703273:20 download mp3
2.Mission is Possible9704063:38 download mp3
3.He's the King!9704093:27 download mp3
4.Where to go 29704146:49 download mp3
5.Flakmopeden Benght9705012:28 download mp3
6.Your Turn*97053012:19 download mp3
7.Stranger9706077:14 download mp3
8.Old Friends9708045:51 download mp3
9.I Am Generated9709156:35 download mp3
10.Psalm AP-29709232:34 download mp3
11.Helgon9711025:12 download mp3
12.Day Unknown97120113:35 download mp3

(* = By Boray & Sunbane)

After "Day Unknown", I bought myself a synthesizer and a midi interface. The result of this is found on the CD "Boray plays some tuba".

All tunes are copyrighted (C)1997 by Anders Persson except for "Your Turn", copyright by Anders Persson and Jörn Hansson (C)1997. All rights reserved.

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    Digibooster - Thanks Tap&Walt!

    When I first tried DigiBooster, I was surprised over the great sound quality of this 8 channel amiga tracker. This program gave me a big production boost this year. DB1.7 is the best tracker (that uses the internal amiga sound) that I have used. It works just like protracker but with 8 channels. It's very stable, it takes almost no cpu time and the sound is great. So THANK YOU Tap&Walt! And thanks also for sending me the full version of DB2, just so I that could convert my BD1.7 mods to DB2 mods so that they could be played on PC.

    About the mods of '97

    I think this was one of my very best years as a mod music maker. A good year to end a mod carear.

    One of my best "one tune"-mods ever. I called it helgon because I made it on "Alla helgons dag" (=All saints day).

    Day Unknown
    One of my best multi-mods, and my very last "real" mod that I put a lot of effort into. I see this one as my farewell performance as a mod artist.

    Your Turn
    A very special mod. This is a cooperation with Jörn "Sunbane" Hansson that I met on the internet. We sent this mod to eachother over the internet, adding at most 10 patterns every time and freely changing eachothers work. I'm afraid I was a bit bossy and run over much of Sunbanes patterns... So I can say that about 95% of this mod is mine... This cooperation made me to show off a bit and this can be heard in some of the solos... Most of the solos using synth sounds are mine while most solos using flute sounds are Jörns... The long cool guitar solo is mine too... :-) And practically ALL melodies and the sound... Hmmm....

    The rest of the mods also has some stories, for example, parts of "I am generated" was made while running "Disksalv" to try to save my harddisk... But I think I have said enough about the mods of '97 now...