My name is Anders Persson, but my artist name is "Boray" which is Hebrew for "God created". (Hebrew? Well, I am christian, but I did not know this Hebrew meaning when I made up the name by taking every other letter from the Commodore Vic-20's ready prompt in 1987). Well, God created me, and I create music. I play guitars, keyboards, bass, recorders and drums. I record and mix everything myself too.

It's hard to describe your own work so I'll leave it to you to listen. But I can say one thing; My music is not just one style. If you don't like one tune, you might very well like the next one. Still, I think you can recognize my work even if it's diverse.

You will find my music on Spotify and other online music services.

History of my music making

before 1987
I made some music by bounce-recording between two casette recorders and adding a layer every time.

1987 - 1990
In addition to the casette bounce recording, I also started to use computers, Commodore 64 and Vic-20. Now I started to use the name "Boray" when making music.

1990 - 1997
I used Amiga computers and tracker programs like Protracker to "program" the music (not play it in real time) and using the Amiga computer's internal sound. In 1993 I made my first Boray web page with my "mod" music. My music also got distributed through Aminet and their CD-ROMs. Some of you old amiga users might recognize one or two of my tunes. The most famous piece is probably "Forn". Mp3s of these tunes are free to download in the 1988-1997 albums to the left.

1997 - 1999
I bought a synthesizer that I hooked up to the Amiga and started to use Octamed Soundstudio. The music is still programmed, but now the sounds comes (in first hand) from the synthesizer which meant more tracks, more possibilities as well as clean pro sounding audio. I started to make and sell CDs.

1999 - 2008
I bought a lot of expensive recording gear and instruments and started to play and record everything for real; Guitars, keys, bass and drums. Some occasional singing as well. I was using hardware digital audio workstations such as Roland VS840EX and Roland VS1680 to record. During 1999-2001 I deliberately didn't use midi to go somewhere completely different from my previous music. Later, the amiga was used more for midi again, now using Bars&Pipes pro synced to the VS1680 to record in real time. I continued to sell CDs and had plans for a professional musical career which just ended in tinnitus and hyper acusis.

I moved to smaller quaters and didn't bring my amiga. Instead, I looked into using my fairly new Windows computer for music. I started by going back to basics and used a modern version of the old amiga type tracker called Renoise. I made the backgrounds in there and then added the guitars on the VS1680. After a while I bought an asio soundcard and started to use Renoise + Reaper (a software DAW) for recording audio. Eventually I skipped Renoise and moved completely to Reaper. I stopped selling physical CDs and started to sell digital albums online instead.

2010 to today
I'm using Reaper on my Windows computer for all recording. I've also started to use virtual synths, samplers and virtual guitar amp sims inside of the computer. I've in other words moved from a rather expensive space occupying hardware based studio to a rather inexpensive software DAW and there is no going back! With the VS1680 I had 16 tracks of audio. Now, a normal tune contains about 40-50 tracks. The editing is easier and there are possibilities I couldn't even dream of before.

A list of all my tunes with pictures here