Free, innovative, system friendly, reliable, efficient and thoroughly tested original programs for the Amiga.


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The two big ones:


Simple but powerful script language for graphical interfaces etc. A great complement to AmigaDos scriptwriting, making launching tools etc. The possibilities are unlimited.


Amiga program for cartoons, animated and interactive e-mails, e-mail games and more. YAM integration and support for other mailers. But you don't need internet to enjoy it. It's fun anyway!

All of them - Table of contents


NEW! (April 2004). The ultimate toolsdeamon replacement for OS3.9!
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    When marking an icon on the Workbench, instead of just clicking, hold the button down for half a second, then release and a menu will appear with choices of what to do with the selected file. Could it be easier? Just one simple click to select the file and open the menu at the same time, and the menu pops up at the mouse pointer. This sure beats Toolsdeamon.


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    Do you have a problem remembering peoples birthdays? And how many years they celebrate? I had, and that's why I made ALM. I have used ALM in 12 years now and I never miss a birthday any longer! You only have to type in the birthdays ONCE with the "ALM.Editor" as there is only ONE year to edit. Then put and configure "ShowALM" in your startup, and then it will run year after year after year...

    NEW 2011: Check out the new ALM for Windows!

    Slow Down

    New! (May 2004) Is your Amiga too fast? Well, this program slows down your system as much as you like. Useful for examle for slowing down vic-emu (the Vic20 emulator) that runs way too fast on my 68040.
    Download (vic-emu-tools.lha) (45K)


    New! (May 2004) A program showing information about any CBM 8 bit file. It shows the address space the file uses in memory and also takes an educated guess of what the file is. (Vic20 8K plugin at block 5, C64 program, program for unexpanded Vic20 etc... It also suggests how to load the file on vic-emu and on a real vic or C64/128.
    Now also for PC! Go there!


    New! (May 2004) Includes "Slow Down" and "PRGinfo" above plus a document of how to use vic-emulator V0.65 while avoiding all the bugs, Vicstart - A script to easily start vic-emu with cartridge files, MakeLoCase & MakeUCase - Program to renames files to only lower or upper case letters.
    Download (vic-emu-tools.lha) (45K)


    You have probably seen this kind of game before: A worm crawling around on the screen. And the more it eats, the longer it gets. This is a game for one or two players. It has a built in track editor.
    NOTE: Does NOT work properly on 68040. Playable, but craches on exit!!!


    Download (67K)
    (Swedish program) SimEmail är nog det absolut mest meningslösa program jag gjort, men det är ganska kul. Det tar fram slumpgenererade meddelanden från en slags mall som definierar ett antal ord och hur dessa kan kombineras i olika meningar.

    Nu även för Windows! Sim Mail 2010


    Download (141kb)

    10 years jubilee release. This is the screen blanker package that "Selector" emerged from. Includes some quite cool blanker modules. All with lot of user parameters. And if you want to write your own blanker module in Hisoft Basic, then this blanker is clearly for you.
    NOTE: Does NOT work on 68040!!! Works on 68030 and below.

    Next Generation

    A karaoke program for one of my music modules with Swedish text. It's about Star Trek.


    Download (3K)
    Boray Turbo Coder. A high speed encryption/decryption program in 100% assembler. (68020+ only)

    GMPlay GUI

    Download (134K)
    A GUI for GMPlay, a program that can play midi files on an Amiga without any midi interface. The GUI was made with Selector.


    Download (117K)
    This is a GUI for AGMSPlaySound (by Alexander G.M. Smith), which is used to play big samples (up to 2 gigabytes) directly from the hard disk. AGMSPlaysound is also included in this archive. This GUI was made with Selector.


    Workbench Screen Multitasking Benchmark (WSMB). A program that measures a performance value for your Amiga. The multitasking is NOT disabled, so it's the true power of your amiga that is measured.
    My programs are system friendly, reliable and efficient, so don't hesitate to download! Most people doesn't realize how much work it is to make a big program like Selector or BorayLetter. For this purpose, I have put the program listing of BorayLetter here! So now you can see how it looks on the inside :-) If you want to show your appreciation for my work, please buy one of my music CDs!


    My VIC20 Software

    Including the new game TRIBBLES from 2002!

    I hope you haven't missed my mods?

    I have made tons of them and people seems to like them (I receive a fan mail now and then :-). My mod page is in fact the most popular section of my homepage, even if I try to draw the attention to my music CDs instead, the mods are still the most popular.... probably because they are free....

    Pages in Swedish:

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      Bilder och tekniska data om alla mina datorer:
      VIC20, C64, Amiga500, Amiga500plus,
      Amiga1200, Macintosh SE, PC...

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